Details and Process

Product and Finish Warranties

Alfrex, LLC offers long term product and finish warranties specifically for your project. Sample warranties are available for download and review on this page and are for reference purposes only. No warranties shall be applicable or binding unless a project specific warranty application is submitted by either method as follows and executed by an authorized Alfrex employee.

Warranty Application Methods:

Complete by the downloadable application form on this page and submit to Alfrex using our contact information below. Complete the electronic warranty application form via the following link.

Warranty applications cannot be reviewed unless completed in full. Upon acceptance, an Alfrex validated warranty will be generated and transmitted.

Warranty applications will be evaluated based upon the product type, coating finish, project location, and other factors that may affect product performance. Warranties are available for Alfrex ACM FR and Alfrex Plate only and not applicable to coated sheet metal.
All questions and printed warranty requests should be directed to

Alfrex, LLC
943 Gainesville HWY Building 100, Suite 4000, Buford, GA 30518 USA
By submitting the warranty application form, you consent to allow Alfrex, LLC to collect your contact information.

Warranty Application