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Alfrex FR standard stocking finishes

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Alfrex FR MCM Standard Finishes

Alfrex offers an array of popular architectural finishes with matching 0.040″ flat sheet and performance warranties.

  1. 34 standard stocking colors
  2. Metal and Wood Series finishes
  3. Alfrex FR finished goods inventory
  4. Matching 0.040” flat sheet stocked in 30 colors
  5. Stocked Painted Coil for cut-to-length MCM production orders
  6. 70% Kynar / PvDF  resin architectural coil coated finishes
  7. Custom colors available in smaller quantities subject to production minimums and upcharges


AAMA 2605 Compliant

Matching Flat Sheet

70% Kynar / PVDF Performance

Wide Color Range

Custom Colors

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