Alfrex – Built on fire-resistant materials expertise

Alfrex, LLC is specialized in fire-resistant and non-combustible architectural metal wall cladding with a portfolio including Alfrex FR Metal Composite Material, matching flat sheet, coil coated aluminum Alfrex Plate, and primer coated Alfrex plate for post painting small lot, custom colors.

Its parent company, Unience, Co Ltd., began operation in 2000 as a manufacturer of specialty fireresistant coatings, bonding materials, and pelletized mineral filled FR compound for the manufacture of Fire-Resistant Aluminum and Metal Composite Panels (MCM). In 2008, after supplying numerous major MCM brands with FR compound, Unience launched Alfrex FR ACM in South Korea with a multi-line MCM production facility dedicated to the exclusive production of FR ACM utilizing in-house, fire-resistant core technology. Sales growth across 5 continents prompted the 2016 move of Unience’s Global Headquarters to the USA and the establishment of Alfrex, LLC, with North American commercial offices in Atlanta and Toronto.

In mid-2020, Alfrex will commence production at its new FR-only MCM production facility in Buford, Georgia. The operation will provide the market with a more competitive domestically produced FR ACM product with shorter lead times, and a differentiated extended product line including 3mm thick, noncombustible, coil coated aluminum plate.

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