non-combustible wall cladding


Unirex is an engineered steel and composite material that has a proven performance record in the most demanding applications. Unirex Galvanized Steel Composite Panels utilize high-strength steel bonded to a high-density polyethylene core with protective coatings on both sides, providing extra corrosion resistance.


Unirex wall and door panels offer superior performance in trailer bodies and reduce the need for rivets and subframes. With Unirex, you can increase the internal space of your trailer while maintaining high safety and durability standards through high-impact resistant testing.


We offer a variety of colors and customized dimensions to meet your specific needs. Choose Unirex for a reliable and cost-effective solution for your trailer panel needs.

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flat surface

weather and pollutions resistance

thin materials

easy fabrication installations

customized dimensions

Standard Panel Specifications

Steel Galvanized ( Zinc Coating ) / 100,000 psi yield
Core High Density Polyethylene
Skin Thickness 0.4 mm (.016 in)
0.5 mm (.020 in)
Panel Thickness 2.5 mm (.098 in)
4 mm (.157 in)
6.5 mm (.256 in)
7.5 mm (.295 in)
10 mm (.394 in)
13 mm (.512 in)
Widths 40in-50in
Lengths 4,978mm (196in)