aluminium composite panelling

Alfrex FR MCM is Made in Buford, Georgia USA 

Alfrex FR metal composite material (MCM) is fully tested, certified, and accredited for use in the USA and Canada. With manufacturing locations in both the USA and South Korea and over 14 years of MCM manufacturing experience,  Alfrex can supply fire-resistant MCM for projects of any size worldwide.


Alfrex FR MCM is a continuous process manufactured MCM consisting of an extruded fire-resistant core permanently bonded to pre-finished aluminum skins on each side. With industry standard warranties including 10 years for MCM quality and bond integrity, and  30 years for 70% PVDF Kynar resin finishes, Alfrex FR is an ideal choice for most any architectural design intent imaginable.

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Meets ASTM E84, ASTM E119, NFPA 285, CAN/ULC S102, CAN/ULC S134

Lightweight & Flat

1.51 lbs per sqft - High strength-to-weight ratio. Exceptional flatness...

Flexible and Formable

Can be cut, routed, sheared, bent, folded, roll formed

Wide Color Range

Solid, mica, metallic, prismatic, wood grain, stone, brushed aluminum, faux natural metals...

Fully Tested and Certified

Intertek Laboratory of Record - ICC ES AC-25...

Durable Finishes

70% PVDF Kynar coil coated finishes. Finish Performance Warranties...

Standard Sizes

Total Thickness .157” (4mm)
Top Skin Thickness .020“ (.5mm)
Backer Skin Thickness .020” (.5mm)
Widths 62.0” (1,575mm)
50.0” (1,270mm)
49.2” (1,250mm) - Upon Request
40.0” (1,020mm) - Upon Request


Width +/- .080” (2mm)
Length +/- .157” (4mm)
Square +/- .157” (4mm)

Alfrex Plate is a 1/8” (3mm) pre-finished, 100% solid aluminum, non-combustible wall cladding plate product

It features a nominal standard thickness of 0.125” (3mm) by a maximum 62” width, and available in other popular thicknesses as well as custom widths.


It is pre-finished by coil coating lines specialized in handling heavier gauge solid aluminum coil, tension leveled, and cut to length per the requirements of each project.


Its 70% PVDF Kynar resin paint system ensures color consistency and outstanding UV protection, while it can be coated in coordination with Alfrex FR ACM standard or custom colors.


The backside is primer coated to minimize oxidization and enable post-paint spray coating for small lot custom colors, where either air dry or baked finishes are desired.

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Wide Thickness Range

0.125” (3mm) nominal - 0.100” (2.5mm) - 0.080” (2mm) - 0.060” (1.5mm)...

Color Consistency

Coil coating continuous process = greater consistency vs. spray coating...

Compatible and Formable

Compatible with ACM systems. Can be cut, routed, sheared, bent, folded, roll formed....

Cut to Length

Tension leveled and cut to length. 20 sheets minimum per length...

Small Lot Custom Colors

Back side primer finished for post-painting. Ideal for small custom color needs...

Pre-Finished 3mm Plate

No need to post-paint - $ Savings – Less handling – Protective masking film...


Non-Combustible - 100% solid - 3003 H14 alloy aluminum...

Durable Finishes

70% PVDF Kynar coil coated finishes. Finish Performance Warranties...

Standard Sizes

Thicknesses (nominal) .125” (3mm)
.100” (2.5mm)
.080” (2mm)
Widths: 62” (1,575mm)
49.2” (1,250mm)
41.3” (1,050mm) - Upon Request


Width +/- .080” (2mm)
Length +/- .160” (4mm)
Thickness +/- .004 (0.1mm)

Matching Flat Sheet Brake Metal and Trim Profiles

Alfrex | Alfrex FR

For MCM Fabricators

Alfrex Matching Flat Sheet meets the challenge of coordinating colors between MCM metal composite material and brake metal used for applications such as flashing, trim, soffits, and roofing accessories with one word – convenience.

  • All 30 standard Alfrex FR ACM colors stocked in matching 0.040” thick solid aluminum flat sheet in industry standard 48” x 120” sized planks.
  • 11 popular standard color finishes stocked in 0.040” thick aluminum coil for cut-to-length sheets based on your take-off.
  • Coil coated with same PVDF kynar resin paint finishes used for Alfrex FR ACM and Alfrex Plate.
  • Custom colors available when ordered in conjunction with Alfrex FR MCM or Plate subject to minimum quantities.
  • MCM Fabricators can purchase standard color Alfrex MCM and matching Flat Sheet brake metal planks at the same time, packaged together, with no minimums. –  For Trades Needing Matching Sheet Metal is a one-stop-shop solution for roofing, framing, drywall, glass & glazing, and waterproofing companies who need painted sheet metal materials that coordinate with MCM/ACM metal wall panels in their scope of work. provides easy access to:

  • All 30 stocked colors in 0.040” x 48” x 120” aluminum flat sheet brake metal
  • Custom cut-to-length flats from stocked 0.040” x 48” wide coil in select colors
  • Brake metal production services for several traditional trim profiles in customizable dimensions from stocked materials.
  • Thicker gauge material 0.050” & 0.063” subject to minimums and longer lead times.
  • Fast, customizable, and secure purchasing on-line with a credit card is ideal for companies with limited in-house flat sheet fabrication – enabling them to expand their capabilities and achieve better material utilization by ordering materials based on takeoffs and field measurements – all with the added convenience of ordering on-line!

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Standard Sizes

Thicknesses (nominal) .040” (1mm)standard stocking
.050” (1.27mm)upon request
.063” (1.6mm)upon request
Widths: 48” (1,220mm)standard stocking
39.37” - 62" (1,000mm - 1,575mm)upon request
non-combustible wall cladding


Unirex is an engineered steel and composite material that has a proven performance record in the most demanding applications. Unirex Galvanized Steel Composite Panels utilize high-strength steel bonded to a high-density polyethylene core with protective coatings on both sides, providing extra corrosion resistance.


Unirex wall and door panels offer superior performance in trailer bodies and reduce the need for rivets and subframes. With Unirex, you can increase the internal space of your trailer while maintaining high safety and durability standards through high-impact resistant testing.


We offer a variety of colors and customized dimensions to meet your specific needs. Choose Unirex for a reliable and cost-effective solution for your trailer panel needs.

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flat surface

weather and pollutions resistance

thin materials

easy fabrication installations

customized dimensions

Standard Panel Specifications

Steel Galvanized ( Zinc Coating ) / 100,000 psi yield
Core High Density Polyethylene
Skin Thickness 0.4 mm (.016 in)
0.5 mm (.020 in)
Panel Thickness 2.5 mm (.098 in)
4 mm (.157 in)
6.5 mm (.256 in)
7.5 mm (.295 in)
10 mm (.394 in)
13 mm (.512 in)
Widths 40in-50in
Lengths 4,978mm (196in)