Graphite Grey (JYZ100)

Graphite Grey



Product Sample: Alfrex FR MCM

Finish Collection: Natural Zinc Series

(Sample Dimension – 5in x 7in)

Product Description

Stock Sheet Size – 4mm x 62in x 196in

Alfrex FR MCM Standard Finish: Graphite Grey

Alfrex FR Zinc Composite Material (ZCM) is a natural zinc metal version of Alfrex FR MCM manufactured from zinc coils from elZinc®. It has successfully passed NFPA 285 with a pressure equalized rainscreen system assembly employing ½” wide panel joints and Alfrex 4mm ZCM joint splines. The configuration enables façade design with a consistent material transition between panel face and joint without caulk, and the assurance of an NFPA 285 tested assembly.

All finishes shown are digital reproductions and may differ slightly from actual product finishes. Product samples are available for color verification and approval. Click the button below to request samples.