Classic White (JY-5195)

Classic White



Product Sample: Alfrex FR MCM

Finish Collection: 2 Coat Solids

(Sample Dimension – 5in x 7in)

Product Description

Stock Sheet Size – 4mm x 62in x 196in


Matching Flat Sheet Size – 0.040in x 48in x 120in

Alfrex FR MCM Standard Finish: Classic White

Architectural Coatings
Alfrex is coil coated utilizing 70% Kynar 500® / Hylar 5000® PVDF resins with fluoropolymer technology, providing excellent flexibility and film adhesion, with superior resistance to humidity, impact salt spray, pollution, and abrasion, while meeting industry performance standard AAMA 2605. Wood and metal design finishes utilize both PVDF and HDP (Highly Durable Polyester) to achieve design effects and textures while meeting industry performance standard AAMA 2604.

All finishes shown are digital reproductions and may differ slightly from actual product finishes. Product samples are available for color verification and approval. Click the button below to request samples.