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Alfrex 3mm Plate in 5 Stocking Colors

Alfrex | Alfrex Plate

Alfrex Plate Standard Finishes

Pre-finished and Mill Finish Alfrex Plate is stocked for smaller sized and quick ship requirements.

  1. 70% Kynar / PvDF resin architectural coil coated finishes
  2. 3mm x 62” wide sheets in finished goods inventory
  3. Stocked sheets in Classic White, Bone White Monument, Black, and Pure Silver
  4. Back-side primer coated for post-painting small lot custom colors for Plate or MCM applications
  5. 1/8″ mill finish plate stocked for post-paint applications
  6. 5,000 sf Production Minimum for Standard, Custom, and Preformulated solid, mica, and metallic colors


Economics of coil coating

Color consistency

Decreased handling and freight

AAMA 2605 Compliant

70% Kynar / PVDF Performance

Coordinate with Alfrex ACM FR

Custom Colors

Request Color Samples