Would you tirelessly clean every surface after all the heavens
and earth became full of graffiti?
Removing is not necessary.
Anti-graffiti that can block graffiti in advance!
Anti-graffiti meets together with Alfrex.
Alfrex’s anti-graffiti product, based on the LOTUS EFFECT,
forms a very low surface tension film structure
that prevents the absorption of contaminants and facilitates removal of contaminants.
Lotus Effect
The lotus leaf has a structured feature by which even drops of water fall away from the surface.
For this reason, it can remain dry even when it rains and the dust can be swept down into the water droplets, remaining clean at all times.
Alfrex’s anti-graffiti products use this technology to create a very low surface tension,
which prevents the adhesion of contaminants and allows contaminants to be removed quickly and easily.


By introducing the cross-reactive FEVE Anti-Graffiti Clear into the existing PVDF
system, excellent durability and weather resistance inherent to fluorine can be demonstrated.



Type Quality Standards Comments
Application Material AL, GI, GL
Application Base PVDF, FEVE
Film thickness Min. 3㎛ ~ Max. 10㎛ 5㎛ + 20㎛ + 10㎛
Polish 40%
Pencil hardness H
T-Bend(2T) 4 points Minute crack
CET (6mm) 100/100
Non-aqueous solution No abnormality 1hr
Acid resistance No abnormality 5% HCl * 48hr
Alkali resistance No abnormality 5% NaOG * 48hr
Corrosion resistance(SST) X-cur : 4mm
Flat board: No blister
AL : 2000hrM
GI, GL : 1000hr
Weatherability (QUV) E < 5
Chalk > 8
20 years (2000hrs)
Permanent marker (oil) stain Good