We make You build!

Build your imagination with Alfrex.

‘It is absolutely impossible.’
This is a very subjective judgement.
If the imagination that you have drawn in your mind is never
feasible, there is no reason for you to ever dream or imagine.

‘All of this is absolutely possible.’
is our belief.

Everything is absolutely possible.


2017 Unience Australia Pty. Ltd founded
Unience launched the Unirex
2016 Unience Canada Inc. founded
2015 Unience USA Inc. (Global Marketing & Sales HQ) founded
2014 Improved installation quality and upgrade of manufacturing facilities
2008 Unience constructed the K1, K2 Manufacturing Plant
2007 Unience launched the Extigen
2005 Unience launched the Alfrex
2000 Unience Inc. founded
Unience launched the E-Z CLEAN & E-Z COAT