17-04-13 06:45

Thank you for visiting our booth at the Bau 2017 exhibition! 



We attended Bau 2017, at MesseMünchen International in Munich Germany, January 16-21, 2017. 


Alfrex, which boasts beautiful colors, created a booth made of bronze, white, and silver-based finishes and had a unique

display of honeycomb structure which focused the attention of many visitors.  


Our booth that was very visible from afar! 




 Doesn’t the honeycomb design and geometric mock-up models stand out?
You will not be able to disguise your surprise when you see the delicate and beautiful finish in person.


At Bau 2017, we showed a wide range of product line-ups including basic Alfrex fr product, which

acquired many non-combustible certifications, SCM, honeycomb core, corrugated core, and the 3mm aluminum plate.

Thanks to the great interest and encouragements from around the world, supporting each and every one of our products,

Alfrex was able to successfully finish the exhibition.




Please look forward to meeting Alfrex from all over the world!