17-07-13 01:01

Alfrex achieved fire propagation testing certification in Australia 


On May 29, 2017, Alfrex aluminum composite panels achieved AS5113:2016 certification, a fire test of a cassette wall system.


AS 5113 is a Fire propagation testing and classification of external walls of buildings, developed by Standards Australia.

The standard sets out procedures for testing and classification of external walls according to their tendency to limit the spread of fire

across their surface and between neighboring buildings. It can be applied to external vertical surfaces and external wall systems. 

AS 5113 also integrates international standard test methods where practicable. 

The result of fire tests may be used to directly assess fire hazard, as well as to improve fire safety through appropriate classification of

the performance of external walls. Our test report can be viewed/downloaded on our website under Certification.


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