17-04-20 16:32

Participation in the AIA EXPO 2017 in the USA! 


We are participating in the AIA EXPO 2017 held in the USA from April 27 to 29 at Orange County Convention Center 

in Orlando Florida, USA. 


The AIA EXPO, an exhibition hosted by the American Architects Association, is an exhibition not only of large scale

but also of high quality, as many architects, general related persons and businesses from all over the world

visit the convention. 


This year, not only Alfrex’s line-up products, but various contents will be participating!


We’ll only reveal this much to avoid any spoilers, so please visit us at the Alfrex booth for detailed information! 


Alfrex Booth Number : 3775!


Meet Alfrex who is going one step further at AIA EXPO.